New Sleepy Panda Pieces Affiliate Marketing Program

New Sleepy Panda Pieces Affiliate Marketing Program

We are beyond excited to announce our new affiliate marketing program!

Ever since we started Sleepy Panda Pieces in 2013, we have received nothing but fabulous responses from our customers, friends, and family. The influence their positivity has had on our business has been priceless to both our morale and our bottom line making it impossible to ever truly express our gratitude to this amazing group of people.

Many of these unicorn-human hybrids with a following of their own have reached out and asked if we had an affiliate marketing program they could join. And, up until now, we did not.

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing before, the idea is simple: we pay you to bring us business. No rocket science necessary there, right? Basically, if you have your own website or social platform that can effectively refer traffic to our site, we will pay you a commission every time one of those referrals converts into a paying customer.

Sleepy Panda Pieces Affiliate Marketing Program

We’ll pay you a 20% commission on all crossbody bags and wristlets, 15% on makeup bags and pillows, and 8% on all the rest of our handmade products including keychains, lanyards, headbands, and more.

To join, you’ll need to go to our affiliate signup page and apply to the program using the form on the page. We will review your information and, if you are accepted, set you up with your own unique login to the affiliate portal.

Your affiliate portal is where you will be able to create special, unique links which we can then track for six months. Once people start clicking on your links and purchasing products from our site, your affiliate area is also where you will go to track progress and view the balance on your affiliate account. Special graphics we provide you will also be made available in the affiliate area.

The fun part, however, is that once you are accepted into our affiliate program, we will send you a free gift to help you get started with pictures and content. Additionally, once a month you can enjoy 50% off up to $75 worth of Sleepy Panda Pieces merchandise so you can stay current without breaking your budget.

That’s it. Click here to get started. We are so excited to work with you!

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